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Amazon Adds Contact Blocking for Alexa Voice-Calling Feature

June 13, 2017

Amazon is rolling out an update to its Alexa app that allows users of its voice-calling feature to block specific people from calling them.

The update comes roughly a month after Amazon rolled out a feature that allows all Echo and Echo dot users to make hands-free phone calls using just their voice. Turns out, not everyone who owns an Echo wants to receive phone calls from everyone in their contact list, hence why Amazon is rolling this feature out.

In order to enable this feature, here’s what you have to do in the Alexa App:

  1. Select the Conversations icon
  2. Select the Contacts icon
  3. Select Block contacts
  4. Find the contact you want to block and select the “Block” button

It’s that simple. Now you never have to worry about that annoying person calling you through your Echo device!