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Amazon Prepping Echo Show Launch with new Alexa Cards

June 22, 2017

Amazon today announced that they are adding a new “Display Cards” feature to the voice assistant that will allow Alexa to respond visually to a variety of queries.

" me..."

" me..."

The Echo Show will be able to show visual cards to question about things like weather, shopping, your calendar, and even music. This, of course, makes total sense for a product aimed at providing both audible and visual information when you ask it.

Given that the Echo Show is just a few days away from going on sale this makes perfect sense to be doing. The Echo Show, which houses a 7-inch touch screen, is going to become more and more relevantĀ as Amazon and other developers take advantage of its capabilities.

My only hope is that we start to see this across other devices that are Alexa-enabled. For example, it would be cool to see this on the Fire tablets or the Amazon Fire TV. Right now this seems limited to just the Echo Show. Still, it’s cool to see Amazon improving their design here. Here’s hoping they do it more.