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August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock and Doorbell Cam Updated with Better Auto-Unlock and Image Preview Alerts

June 29, 2017

The August Smart Lock and Doorbell came got a bunch of new updates today. Changes included improvements to the Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam and the Smart Keypad.

One new feature, which comes to the August Smart Lock, is a feature that uses location to auto-unlock your deadbolt when you arrive within a set proximity. Of course, you don’t want it to always unlock your door when you get near it, so August is sending new alerts when auto-unlock is triggered.

Here’s how August frames it:

New Auto-Unlock contextual alerts give users real-time updates such as when Auto-Unlock is triggered and actively communicating with the August Smart Lock.

Contextual alerts also let users know when they leave the “neighborhood,” setting Auto-Unlock to Away Mode. Users who already use Auto-Unlock can activate the new “You left your neighborhood” alerts in the August Smart Lock Settings menu.

Now, if you use the August Smart Keypad as an optional entry method, the app now supports temporary and recurring codes. This is great for someone who may have a guest over for a few days or perhaps owns a place they are using to AirBnb.

Finally, the Doorbell Cam can now receive image preview alerts when the doorbell is pressed.

New image preview alerts for August Doorbell Cam let users immediately see who is at the door to quickly determine if they want to answer the door for a visitor. On iOS, simply press and hold the expandable alert on the iPhone when a visitor presses the doorbell button or when motion is detected to see a snapshot of the activity outside the door.

If you’re the owner of any of these August products, these are all a nice welcome. You can download the updates now via the App Store.