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Aera Smart Home Fragrance System

You Can Now Tell Alexa to Make Your House Smell Better

June 20, 2017

Amazon’s Alexa is well known for letting you do things like turn on your lights or play some music. But now it can make your house smell better. How? A new fragrance system.

"Alexa... Increase the scent"

"Alexa... Increase the scent"

Prolitec, a company that calls itself a “scenting services company” has announced a new Aera fragrance system that can be voice controlled via Alexa-compatible devices such as the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

The Aera systems offer eight variety of fragrances, ranging from basmati rice (what?) to pink grapefruit. Each capsule can run for 24 hours a day for a full 60 days.

You can tell Alexa to turn the Aera on or have Alexa raise or lower the scent levels. If you happen to already own one of these $250 scent kits, you can enable the skill via the Amazon Alexa app.

Now your house never has to smell. Just ask Alexa to make it smell better.