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Image of Amazon's Upcoming Echo with 7-inch Display Leaks

May 5, 2017

We’ve known for quite¬†some time now that Amazon has been working on a new Echo with a 7-inch touchscreen, and today it looks like we’re getting a first glimpse of exactly how this device might look.

While this isn’t the clearest image in the world, you can tell that this upcoming Echo is a huge departure from the cylindrical¬†Echo that exists today.

We’re confident this is the upcoming Echo because we’ve heard from our very own sources that the device would have a 7-inch touchscreen and would be able to take voice and video calls. If you look closely, you should see what looks to be a camera right on top of the display.

It’s unclear if this product is going to run FireOS, like the Kindle tablets or if the company has something entirely new in store for it, but what we do know is that Amazon is positioning the display as point of discovery and a way to get more informative results when it come to buying things through the Echo itself. As an example, when someone says “Alexa, order me diapers” the display will now show what diapers are being added to your cart. The display will also be able to help you discover music so if you say things like “show me hip-hop music” you’ll see a variety of songs and albums to choose from.

We haven’t heard when this device will be released, but our guess is that it will be relatively soon. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.