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LG's Signature Connected Devices to Get Google Home Functionality

May 19, 2017

One of the big announcements at Google I/O 2017 was the release of the Google Assistant SDK, which gives the third-party hardware manufacturers the ability to add the Google Assistant to their hardware.

"OK Google..."

"OK Google..."

While we’re likely to see a variety of manufacturers adopt Google Assistant, LG has announced that the play to bring the Assistant to a variety of consumer hardware including the company’s connected washing machine and dryer, refrigerator, oven range, air purifier, AC unit, and robotic vacuum starting this month.

These new integrations will give owners of these products the ability to interact with their appliances in a way that we’ve never seen before. For example, you might be able to ask your drying machine how much time is left until your clothes are dry, or tell your refrigerator to make more ice, or instruct Assistant to reset your home’s temperature, all without touching a button. Pretty cool.

The Signature line of LG’s home appliances will be the very first in the company’s product suite to be compatible with Google Assistant on Google Home, though the company notes that it has plans to extend this new offering to additional products. Unfortunately, these features are currently limited to users in the United States, though LG notes other countries will also be getting these features.