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Nodez Makes it More Affordable To Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

May 3, 2017

Nodez is a company that promises to turn your entire home into a smart home for just $196. According to their Kickstarter project, Nodez includes everything you need from a smoke/CO2 detector to switches and even a floor sensor. All in all, you get nine smart object, all for less than $200.

How did Nodez pull this off? Well, the trick is the sensors use Bluetooth Low Energy 5 and connects to IFTTT, which allows you to control switches based on various inputs.

“In short, we realized that the ‘Smart Home’ space was never arriving,” said Taha Arvas, CMO. “Years of bad devices that were ridiculously expensive were being pumped out with no new tech/lower prices. Homes were cluttered with multiple devices that didn’t talk to each other and operated using multiple apps. We designed these devices for our own personal use at first and realized there was a real opportunity here.”

The package is mostly aimed at the average smart home user who wants a more full-featured system without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Interested? You can pledge and back up this campaign on Kickstarter today with an estimated delivery date of July, 2017.