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How to Set Up Away Mode on your Belkin WeMo Devices

May 29, 2017

Belkin has a nice, somewhat hidden feature you can use to turn your devices on and off while you’re away from home. It’s called “Away Mode” and we’re going to set it up below.

Pretending to be home

Pretending to be home

For decades people have been burying clunky, hard to use timers for their lights to make it look like they’re at home and scare off potential…funny business. Smart home tech makes it possible for us to do this better and easier.

All smart home systems let you set up automation rules to turn things on and off at specific times, but Belkin has a cool WeMo feature called Away Mode that automatically does this for you with very little setup. Watch the video for full details.

WeMo Switch Smart Plug
WeMo Switch Smart Plug
WeMo Switch Smart Plug
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